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  • Morning Break Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Duration: 120:52 m

    Morning Break Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Get going every Thursday morning with the Morning Break Show with Gwen and Steve Willoughby. Once described as the Cornish Pam Ayres Gwen gives you local news, information, guests and a song for the little ones.

    Catch Morning Break every Thursday at 09:00 on Source FM

  • Steve Foster Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Duration: 120:52 m

    Steve Foster Thu 21 Sep 2017

    My programme is music based and revolves primarily around music from the 70's and a little bit from the 60's and other eras,but to avoid completely wallowing in nostalgia I always play a selection of the best of todays music.If it's good I'll play it so expect a wide range of quality music. I try hard for the show to be familiar,so if you listen regularly,it's friendly place to vist but with that edge of interest ,there's always the interesting and obscure to keep your ears on high alert. As well as great music I will be telling you about the interesting and quirky side of life,both worldwide and within our community of Falmouth and Penryn. I like to keep a finger on the community pulse, so from time to time I invite guests into the studio for an on air chat about things local and ask them to choose one or two pieces of music,my guests often reflect the interesting and diverse community that's Falmouth and Penryn so expect the unexpected. Hope to catch up with you here on the Sou

    Catch Steve Foster every Thursday at 11:00 on Source FM

  • Gates of Dawn Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Duration: 90:52 m

    Gates of Dawn Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Morning has long since broken in Falmouth and Penryn! But have no fear as local handyman Tadgh Shiels is here to make sure it's fixed up real nice, even though he may accidentally smash it to smithereens in the process. In any case a musical myriad of 1930s swing, impossibly obscure cult reggae and demented Greek punk rock is sure to delight your senses, or drive you over the edge of whatever psychotic episode you are currently experiencing. Have a lovely day!

    Catch Gates of Dawn every Thursday at 13:00 on Source FM

  • Kyle Coleman Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Duration: 60:52 m

    Kyle Coleman Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Kyle Coleman plays his choice of the best in music.

    Catch Kyle Coleman every Thursday at 14:30 on Source FM

  • Luke Jenkins Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Duration: 60:52 m

    Luke Jenkins Thu 21 Sep 2017

    All sorts of music going from the 1950s 1960s and 1970s hard rock and blues and rock and roll and some pop music too.

    Catch Luke Jenkins every Thursday at 16:00 on Source FM

  • Inside Local Music Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Duration: 60:52 m

    Inside Local Music Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Simon Neild has the inside gen on the music scene in Cornwall.

    Catch Inside Local Music every Thursday at 17:00 on Source FM

  • Self Help Help Yourself Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Duration: 90:52 m

    Self Help Help Yourself Thu 21 Sep 2017

    An hour and a half to improve your self-worth, monetary status, standing in the community and personal odour. No previous experience required. Standing room only. The value of your internal image may go up as well as down. Guaranteed to clean the areas of your soul other shows do not reach. To quote Charlie Parker, flip flop floogie with the floor joy. Warning: musical output may include dangerously bad mixes of your favourite tunes mashed with regional dialect spoken word recordings. Offence is not unknown. Record speeds may vary. Glad language and scenes of a textual nature present in this programme from the beginning.

    Catch Self Help Help Yourself every Thursday at 18:00 on Source FM

  • Songs From The Backroom Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Duration: 120:52 m

    Songs From The Backroom Thu 21 Sep 2017

    I do have a vague recollection of cutting out a cardboard guitar and using my scaletrix transformer as a wah-wah pedal... could this have been the beginning of my obsession with music? Quite possibly! Since then I have sung my way through several bands, been involved with numerous musical projects, imported hefty consignments of high quality vinyl and CDs for the UK music buying public, run around in restaurants and more recently been found planting gardens! I can be caught spending hours sitting in my garden musing over my favourite artists and tracks then wandering into the back room to rummage through my music and cogitate. My Source FM show 'Songs from the back room' revisits some classic radio sessions, features a mix of favourite tracks and rare songs as well as new sounds and perhaps the odd track to re-introduce artists that somehow missed the boat! Hope to feature some live interviews with local artists and fellow falmouthians too. Anything you want to ask? Contact me at songsfromthebackroom@gmail.com Tune in, hope you enjoy Jules x

    Catch Songs From The Backroom every Thursday at 19:30 on Source FM

  • Lost In Space Thu 21 Sep 2017 explicit content

    Duration: 120:52 m

    Lost In Space Thu 21 Sep 2017

    This programme may contain explicit material.

    Squinting into the dark expanse, without the aid of GPS, just remember - no one can hear you playing Pink Floyd in space. Just as well, because we're way much more hip/weird/deranged/misguided and generally out there (in space) to be playing any of that sorta nonsense.

    Catch Lost In Space every Thursday at 21:30 on Source FM

  • Radyo an Gernewegva Wed 20 Sep 2017

    Duration: 60:52 m

    Radyo an Gernewegva Wed 20 Sep 2017

    Matthew Clarke yw jornalyas hag a ober der radyo yn Kernow. Ev re skrifas lies kan y’n taves ha’ga seni gans y vagasow Skwardya ha Krena. Krena a waynyas Kesstrif Kan PanKeltek 2005, hag yth esa bri meur a-hys an bys dhe Skwardya 2006 pan dorras hwedhel a-dro dhedha ow kana Beatles der Gernewek. Kyns es dalleth Nowodhow an Seythen ha Radyo an Gernewegva, Matthew a skrifas nowodhow yn Kernewek warlinen dres lies bledhen, ha gwiasvester o gans gwiasva Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek: Warlinenn. Hag ev owth oberi gans an Kowethas, ev a dreylyas lavar dhe Gernewek rag askororyon The Simpsons. ‘Rydhsys rag Kernow lemmyn!’ veu kriys gans Lisa Simpson yn dyllans arbennik an dowlenNadelik 2004.

    Catch Radyo an Gernewegva every Wednesday at 08:00 on Source FM

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